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The No Haggle Furniture Store 

At Half Price Furniture Of Las Vegas we made buying furniture in Las Vegas simple, elementary, and straightforward. We don't price our products like other Las Vegas furniture stores just so you have to talk the price down. We price our products low and we sale it that way with you never having to wonder if we are the lowest price store, because we are the lowest priced furniture store. Our available products are some of the latest in trends as well as clearance furniture.

 Some manufacturers know that Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas maneuver product quickly and will distribute to us cleared out products from last years catalog at a much lower price than ever before. This allows us to sell that particular furniture in Las Vegas for an unheard-of price as in some cases these furniture were previously sold for a much higher price. 

​ Another way that we are able to provide you with some of the most beautiful furniture product in Las Vegas for a much lower price is by how are purchasing department handles it's purchasing power. As a furniture store Las Vegas powerhouse we purchase furniture directly from the furniture manufacturer. We don't use distributors do to the fact that distributors mark up the price making the furniture product more expensive. Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas is your personal distributor and will save you money every time you walk in to one of our furniture store showrooms. 

''We didn't invent furniture stores,   

We only made it better''   

About our mattresses and pricing 

About our mattress sales at Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas. As a furniture store in Las Vegas we also sell mattresses with huge discounts & savings. Our theory is that in most cases you either purchased the bed itself from us or you will at some point in the future, and therefor we're not trying to upsell you on products we just have a flat minimal profit margin that we work on and that's it. We're not purely in business to sell mattresses at Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas we simply have mattresses in stock to make it convenient and affordable for our existing consumer. We sell them for cheap and we do it for the the purpose of helping our own Las Vegas consumer. 


and savings 

Fine Las Vegas Furniture for Less 

Welcome to Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas where our number one goal is to get you the best Las Vegas furniture for a much lower price.

As a locally owned Las Vegas furniture store we've lined up high quality manufacturers with some of the highest reliable as well as dependable products in the industry. As your local furniture store in Las Vegas we've managed to get great leverage with the furniture industry by selling for less but selling a whole lot more than your everyday furniture store. As a local Las Vegas furniture store we've developed four locations for your convenience. Two of our furniture stores are in Las Vegas, one furniture store is in Henderson, and the fourth furniture store is in North Las Vegas. (please go to our FIND US page for location information). 

 Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas has not only made it more affordable to purchase furniture but offers easy qualifying financing for people who have less than desirable credit but do have a job. Our Las Vegas furniture stores in Las Vegas also offers 90 days interest-free financing for consumers that wish to pay off the loan within 90 days without incurring interest during that time. Please call any of our local furniture stores in Las Vegas for more detail on our available financing programs or call our furniture store Las Vegas Clearance Center at 702-221-9880.